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Art spent over 70 years studying and writing about native plants of the Pacific Northwest from BC to California, especially the genus Erythronium and related plants. This site is a compilation of his work for the benefit of naturalists everywhere.

A Story of Butterflies and Man 

By Art Guppy Recently, listening to the radio, I was reminded of a global event that is scarcely reason for celebration: the human population of the world has passed the seven billion mark.  That information almost instantly brought to my … Continue reading

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The Secret Lives of Scoliopus 

by Arthur (Art) G. Guppy Scoliopus is a genus seldom seen in alpine gardens, which is strange, as either of its two species is easy to grow and both are of unusual interest.  Scoliopus hallii has rather small, almost inconspicuous … Continue reading

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The Importance of Gardens to the Conservation of Nature

By Art  Guppy A garden, especially one that has masses of flowers and is a bit chaotic (like mine), can be a very important adjunct to nature, even though its plants are not native to the region.  The hummingbirds that … Continue reading

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Three Unusual Plants on a Very Small Mountain

By Art Guppy Mt. Prevost is a very small mountain (786 m.) a few kilometres north of Duncan on Vancouver Island.  In appearance it is nothing more than a large hill covered by coniferous forest except for patches of bare … Continue reading

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An Encounter with a Hummingbird

A few days ago, in early August,  I had an extraordinary encounter with a hummingbird.  I was using a large watering can to water some plants in my garden when suddenly a hummingbird appeared hovering close beside the watering can and … Continue reading

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A New Look at Erythronium Part 2

Revised with “Addenda” added January, 2011.  Copyright 2011 Arthur G. Guppy An earlier, edited version of this appeared in the Rock Garden Quarterly, Vol. 66 (1), 2008 [ See part 1 here ] To understand and appreciate the various Erythronium … Continue reading

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Erythronium Seeds showing Eliasomes and Ants: Myrmecochory

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Elaiosomes are little fleshy projections on plant seeds that are irresistibly attractive to ants.  When ants discover such seeds, they seize them and carry them away to their nests, where presumably the elaiosomes are fed to the ant larvae.  The … Continue reading

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