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The Secret Lives of Scoliopus 

by Arthur (Art) G. Guppy Scoliopus is a genus seldom seen in alpine gardens, which is strange, as either of its two species is easy to grow and both are of unusual interest.  Scoliopus hallii has rather small, almost inconspicuous … Continue reading

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Ants and a New Look at Erythronium Part 1

Revised January, 2011.  Copyright 2011 Arthur G. Guppy An earlier version of Part 1 was published in the Summer 2007 issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly with photos of Erythronium japonicum, E. sibiricum (unmottled leaves), E. californicum with red nectar … Continue reading

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Castilleja (Indian Paintbrush) in the Garden, Part 2

by Art Guppy Art wrote several articles about Castilleja, which were published in two 2005 issues of the Alpine Garden Club of BC Bulletin and others in BEN (Botanical Electronic News). If you have red, orange, or pink Castilleja in … Continue reading

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